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Adorable Stuffed Animals

$20- $30


Now available, we have a wide selection of cute, cuddly and adorable stuffed animals for purchase. Our animals are durably constructed and made of 100% polyester material. These are special little friends that we custom prepare with your child's heartbeat inside!

We will record your baby's heartbeat on a special heart recorder. It will be securely placed inside your selected animal during your appointment. Simply squeeze the belly of your animal to activate playback and hear your baby's heartbeat! Save it as a keepsake, as a personal memory or decoration for your child's room. It's a creative and touching way we can help remind you of this very special time in your life.


NOTE: Our products and services do change. We are always listening to our customer's needs and are eager to be as responsive as possible!  If there is a certain animal you want, give us a call and we can special order and have it on hand for you.

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